Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Transactions

We’ve represented clients in the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) industry since the program was established in 1986, and have experience in virtually every type of LIHTC transaction. This includes working with nonprofit and for-profit developers in Maryland and other states – as well as with several direct investors.

Historic Tax Credit Transactions

We’ve represented developers, syndicators and investors in more than 100 federal and state historic tax credit transactions nationwide. These typically involve master lease structures, which require coordinating multiple entity structures and multiple layers of financing, including other types of tax credits and mezzanine equity.

New Markets Tax Credit Transactions

We work closely with accountants and investor’s counsel to meet the goals of the developer, while considering the needs of the CDEs and investors involved in the transaction. We have worked on several transactions that combine the historic and new markets credits, several including state historic credits.

Energy Credit Transactions

Because of our tax credit and financing experience, we can provide guidance on and address issues critical to commercial lenders and institutional investors. We’ve also worked with both syndicators and developers in energy credit transactions.