We strive to maintain a working environment in which the talents and contributions of each individual are recognized and valued. We are careful to select legal professionals and support staff who demonstrate intelligence, integrity, and devotion to their profession.  We look for the cooperative spirit and strength of character expected of all Gallagher employees.

The firm’s management is accessible and highly attentive. Information is shared openly within the firm, and employees can expect consistently fair and equitable treatment, competitive compensation, and a true appreciation for outstanding work. The partnership is managed in a fiscally conservative fashion to promote economic security for the firm, its employees, and their families.

The firm invests significant resources, in a cost-effective manner, to ensure that we maintain an attractive and highly functional physical space, along with all of the technological resources and office systems necessary for a sophisticated modern law practice.

Outside the office, we spend time with one another and our families. These occasions include intramural family softball games, sporting events, charity events, parties to celebrate holidays and milestone birthdays, and informal dinners at one another’s homes.  Our annual outdoor crab feast is a favorite family pastime for many Gallagher employees and their families – some who have been coming for generations.